The Office – Mini style

Maybe it’s been around for a while and I’m just catching up on my reading, but I just learned about a new “tool” for students. Lucky for my budget it won’t cost anything more than some manila file folders, tape, and time.

The new tool is called the Mini-office. I was intrigued by the term when I went Googling for literacy stations after reading Debbie Miller’s Practice with Purpose. I like the thinking behind a mini office: the most often used or referenced tips – in my case for Writing – are posted strategically on the manila file folders. The folders are arranged to form a three-sided display keeping those tips right within eyesight of a student. What I like about this tool is that, depending upon the writing project, the references posted on the mini-office can be customized to fit the writing or generalized for any writing.

Mini offices are on my shortlist of ideas to try out this Fall. Now to think about what essential information will help my students.

Links for Mini Offices:

Busy Teacher Cafe

ABC Teach

Teaching Heart

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