Photographing Local Farming

One of the ongoing creative projects Adrien has been working on is photographing some of the farmers working and learning through the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project. We receive a weekly share of the farmers’ bounty through World Peas CSA and, so far, it has been a wondrous adventure in fresh local veggies – and fruits.

This morning, Adrien set out to try to catch up with some of the farmers working their plots in Dracut. And, in my new role of photography assistant, I went along with him. Near Richardson’s Dairy, where many of the new farmers work, we met up with Justine, a farmer who immigrated from Cameroon.  Justine was a bit unsure of us at first – who wouldn’t be at 7 in the morning! – but remembered Adrien from an earlier introduction by McKenzie Boekholder, a coordinator for New Entry Sustainable Farming.  Justine also remembered that Adrien owed her a photograph ;-).

Adrien convinced Justine to pose for him near her plot. She was very tolerant of both of us interrupting her morning chores. Here is one of the shots from this morning:

Photography by Adrien Bisson Photography

One of the most fun things about this morning was the friendliness we were shown. Justine clasped my hand and walked us to a covered framed building. She not only insisted on giving me a beautiful bunch of collard greens, freshly picked before our eyes, she gave me directions on how to best prepare them for tonight’s supper. I’m hopeful I won’t screw it up!

Meeting new people and learning about where my food comes from is turning out to be a wonderful adventure. One that is full of reminders of the generous goodness of humanity.

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