Do You Loop?

This week my principal approached me with an intriguing question – would you be willing to loop to fourth grade with your students?

I needed a little time to think about that, but not for the reasons you might assume. My hesitation had nothing to do with a repeat year with my students, some of whom have been quite a challenge this year.

You see, I’ve been in my classroom space for the past 6 years; the thought of moving (again) was just depressing. Imagine the amount of treasure I’ve saved in those closets “just in case”. Secondly, not all of our classrooms have been equipped with the projection and MOBI technology that we have been using this year. Would my “new” space – because I would be trading classrooms with a colleague from Grade 4 — have this technology installed?

In the end, of course I said yes. The fourth grade teacher with whom I will share this adventure is similarly excited and we’ve already begun to meet to toss around ideas for making transitioning easy for both of us.

I look at my students differently already. I know I get an opportunity to start a school year with them at an advantage: they already know me (and my limits) and I know them too.

So while I needed a moment to consider this idea, I am excited to start planning and preparing for another year with the same students. And I am looking for advice from teachers who have done this. Do you loop?

One thought on “Do You Loop?

  1. I am so jealous!! Every single year I hope to have the opportunity to loop with my students, but it hasn’t been possible. yet.

    Our district recently (this past year) went to pre-k -grade 2 buildings and grade 3- grade 6, many many of us had to move to a new classroom, a new grade level, and many to a new building…that is so exhausting: physically and emotionally. The classroom becomes our ‘home’ and moving is a lot of work!

    But…change is good and I would pack up and move if it meant I could loop with my kiddos (even the ones who give me a huge challenge)!

    Enjoy this great opportunity. 🙂

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