I’ve been working – really working – at the conferencing table for the last several session of D5 choice. Up until this point, I have been “fake working” — monitoring students without their knowledge — so as to regroup if and when stamina for an activity is broken. We are nearly pros with Read to Self now and becoming much more independent with Writing; just a few missteps in the “”work quietly” department.

Word Work is still a work in progress as is Read to Someone. The kids are getting very accustomed to setting their goals for independently working (hurrah!) and are starting to verbalize why we do what we do in the classroom (extra hurrah).

When I hear other educators talk about the Daily Five, it is often said that D5 is simply an organizational structure. Well, yes, there is that aspect. However, for me, the beauty, the benefit of working with this structure is the explicit guide for creating independent students – students who become responsible learners.

It is not enough for students to comply in school just because teacher “said so.” Think about it: when you were a kid, you were probably often told to just do something. When you didn’t understand the point of the activity or the routine, did you find it easy to remember and to comply? I didn’t.

Building stamina for independence has been a painfully slow process. It is natural to want to get the show on the road, to be able to get in the routines of the day – all of them – as quickly as possible.

Independent habits of mind take time. We are building our stamina this year and already the payback is becoming obvious.

3 thoughts on “Stamina

  1. I am in those beginning stages of setting routines and explaining procedures, (kindergarten).

    I have 26 kiddos this year, I had 18 last year. I am blessed to have an amazing classroom aide, a strong student teacher, and a strong one on one aide.

    Still…teaching procedures is a long long journey. Worth it? Yes! I keep reminding myself that this is all so new to them~ I am exhausted 😀

    The real beauty is when the entire school building is practicing the Daily 5 and in September your new class knows exactly what it’s all about because they lived it the year before. 😀

  2. Wow, Shelley — I am blown away by your class size!

    My teaching neighbor and I are the two early adopters for Daily Five…. although there is some interest in what we are doing so maybe next year we’ll have company 🙂

    I don’t know how Kindergarten teachers do it in the first place — everything is new — but as a 3rd grade teacher I am definitely in debt to all you do!

  3. Kindergarten stamina update: 32 seconds!

    Truly a process! In our building, many teachers post their stamina right outside their classroom door, it really helps motivate the kids.

    A teacher walked by, popped her head in and asked, “Don’t you mean 32 minutes?”

    I said, “No, seconds.”

    32 seconds and we are proud 😀

    Keep your updates coming; your blog motivates me in this ‘sister-hood’ of the Daily 5!

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