We all have them, those puzzling dreams that we can remember in the morning. Well, I just woke up to a nasty alarm after spending pillow time with a rather puzzling one. My mind can be a scary place.

I’m not sure what I was doing, but it seemed to be some kind of math lesson – naturally. I love teaching math! I have the vague impression that people weew watching it for some strange reason….. whatever.

And in that lesson a teacher’s greatest fear started to come to life. The group got so out of control that teaching was next to impossible. I’m not sure what was going on anymore – I hate when the details of a dream get lost to awake time! – but I do recall having to take the activity away from one cooperative group. A group that included Charo (what????) and Queen Elizabeth II (double what????). For the record the Queen was very gracious and totally understood why the teacher was stopping her participation. Charo, however, pouted.

Just as I was about to resume the activity, the alarm broke in. So many unanswered questions; did the rest of the lesson go okay? Most of all I hope I never experience one of those deja vu moments starring this dream. Analyze this one if you want Dr. Freud, but I’m guessing I made need a vacation.

One thought on “Braindropping

  1. It was clear that you were working on something 😉

    So Charo and the queen of England? Charo to the queen: “Cuchi Cuchi”, to which the queen responds: “Quite”. Maybe a sub had given them each a big bad of candy.

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