Courses, of course

I hope to hit Masters + 60 next year — which is the highest achievable salary lane for me.  It is also preparation for retirement. As of today in Massachusetts, my retirement will be calculated on the last 3 years salary averaged together. I “plan” to work 4 after this year, and with no new contract — and thereby no cost of living or other raise possible — whatever the amount +60 gets me will be it.

So a couple of weeks ago I signed on to take one of Patty Nichols’ courses, Museums Across the Curriculum. Last spring Patty led a course using museums and historical sites in the Concord and Lexington area — perfectly suited for Grade 3 History and Social Studies in Massachusetts.  This new course will take us to several museums in Lowell — the Boott Mill programs are part of our curriculum here in Lowell — and to the MFA in Boston and the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, also in Boston.

What makes these courses a pleasure is the opportunity to explore local resources and a chance to be a tourist right in my own back yard. And a chance to develop some curriculum using these wonderful resources. As we make our visits and build our classroom activities, I’ll post on this blog.

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