We’re in the weeds now kiddo!

A colleague of mine once referred to No Child Left Behind as No Teacher Left Standing.  We laughed – later we cried – and now, speaking just for myself here, we are just plain depressed.

It matters not how diligent an educator is about keeping up with research and data, the stream of new initiatives is never ending.  My professional interest in developing curriculum notwithstanding, absorbing the Common Core standards in BOTH English Language Arts and Mathematics, locating resources for teaching – resources that are high quality and (with a nod to my own personal finances, free) are very seldom available, all takes time.

Instructional planning takes thought and consideration. This often means inventing something from the ground up, something tailored to help meet the needs of very diverse learners. I don’t mind that part as much as I mind getting the curriculum guides a weekend before I actually need to teach the unit.

I work with some terrifically talented grade level colleagues who willingly share – thank goodness!  We often meet on our own time and collaborate. If one of us finds something, we share with the others.  How lucky I am to work in such an environment.

Because what is happening in education now is putting such stress on teachers, that frustrations and emotions are nearly always at the surface.  And that feeling that we are all “in the weeds” just will not go away.


2 thoughts on “We’re in the weeds now kiddo!

  1. Please hang in there all of you–a caring and good teacher is so very important in a child’s life. Remember Miss Heller and Miss Gregg? I can only imagine the frustrations you are handling from those who are not in a classroom, but formulate rules and regulations with little experience in the day to day teaching.

  2. I can relate. I am so grateful for our grade level team of 7; thank goodness we share all that we find. It is hard to find the time to meet duing the school day, so we too often make the time on our own time; we have to if we want to keep our sanity! YIKES there is so much to do.

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