Thank you Dr. Seuss

Sometimes, though not that often lately, we have fun.

Adrien reading

Lots of schools mark Dr. Seuss’ birthday with Read Across America celebrations.  Even though it was low key, we did too!

Our special visitor and guest reader was my husband, Adrien. We dug up a book that loosely connects to his career as a photographer, Snowflake Bentley. Bentley was an avid photographer of snowflakes and his collection of glass negatives and resulting prints is still fascinating. Adrien always brings his camera when he visits, and the kids enjoy hamming it up for the professional photographer. Before he left, he was asked several times if he would

go with us on our spring field trip to the Boott Mills.

Sometimes our influence on children is so subtle that it nearly goes unnoticed.
But today, in the midst of all the fun, I knew Adrien had knocked it out of the park when I looked around my room. There were all of my kiddos who normally need to be cajoled into wearing their glasses – wearing their spectacles mid-nose. Just like their “Mr. Bisson”.

So thank you Dr. Seuss. Thank you for giving us a fabulous excuse to have a bit of fun today. And to Adrien…. thank you for voluntarily being a role model for my kids. Now how about that field trip date?

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