Vacation is a time to…. THINK!

This is a *short* vacation week as school holiday weeks go. I know that thought doesn’t elicit much sympathy from the dreaded private sector 🙂

Usually I spend a lot of time being my compulsive self and trying to do all the school work I think I need to do while I have some time away from kids. I plan, I research, I read….. I obsess.

This year, however, it has been different. I did not actually pick up a teacherly activity until this morning. This morning I worked on long-range Writing Workshop plans and short range weekly lessons for our return to class next week. I suppose I could obsess about some reports or research, but I’m going to play against my instinct and try to be less freakish about anticipating every nuance.

I think I’ve got a game plan to last me for a bit. What got written seems reasonable. Instead of reacting or working quickly, I have a chance to consider and be more reflective and thoughtful about how to teach this, that, or the other.

This week away is passing quickly; there are many projects to be completed around our house before the routine of school takes over again. And even in doing those mundane chores that I’ve put off since the Fall, I can spend some time in thinking…. about school, about learning, about being less nudge-y.

Vacation for me, is a time to think.


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