Ramping Up For the Re-Entry

My colleagues and I were taking a break from dusting, washing, organizing and throwing yesterday to commiserate on what every educator knows is true: if you don’t get some stress-related malady just as school is starting, you must not be paying attention.  Hello insomnia.

I used to feel like I had some character flaw because this happens to me every year. But my first year in public education, when my new principal – who had 25 years of administration experience AND classroom experience on top of that – openly admitted at Staff Orientation that she never sleeps the “night before”, it was somehow comforting. Maybe this behavior is normal after all.

Holding on to a more relaxed summer lifestyle is not easy to let go of. No matter how much I promise myself – and my spouse – the craziness starts up the minute I start working on my classroom. Some people buy new shoes, new clothes, new school supplies. I buy melatonin in the hope that I’ll sleep through the night. Never works.

Law and Order at 3 anyone?



One thought on “Ramping Up For the Re-Entry

  1. True. My insomnia started about a week ago as I found myself tossing and turning while I rearranged my classroom in my head, sorted through the workings of our new technology, and practiced pronouncing the names of our 23 kindergarten learners.

    This is an occupational hazzard.

    My daughter will begin her student teaching in September; she called the other day to tell me she just couldn’t get a good nights sleep either.

    This is an occupational hazzard.

    How can we expect to sleep when so much excitement lies ahead! 😀

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