Hakuna Matata

which translates to “no worries”…. how often is that a part of an adult’s thought process?

This week marks the last week of the academic year for us. It’s part of the fabric of the school year cycle – that time when I reflect on what worked and what didn’t. When I start to see those kids, even the ones who wore my patience down to nothing, through the rose-colored lens of the past. When some of those tics that drove me crazy throughout the year become endearing.

We clean out our desks — even me this year — and, according to my new rules, throw or recycle anything that hasn’t been used in 2 years. That’s my cutoff point this academic year. I am rethinking classroom design and have ordered a set of six balance ball seats. For once, I’ve put all the stuff I like to use when setting up my class before the children arrive in one place. Now that was a growth moment — there’s a chance I’ll remember it if it’s in one place.

The state testing is done, the report cards are done, the District assessments are complete and recorded.  I’ve completed reports for the children who will be referred for special education testing. There are just a few final things to do: I always celebrate summer birthdays with my students who have them on the last day (mostly because my own son has one) and an extra game of kickball, weather permitting.

So for the next two days “no worries”. Until I meet my incoming group on the last day and the cycle begins again. But for now – Hakuna matata.

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