Hello, Noah

I realize that this reference to a classic Bill Cosby routine makes me one big, giant fossil, but I can’t resist making a connection after this week.

Six foot fence near back door.

First of all, is should we all be building arks here in New England? Around my house we have 7 foot snowbanks created after the nonstop deluge of snow “events” which began in mid-January.  There seems to be no end in sight. Today, forecasters are calling for rain and possibly a finish of snow.  Once this stuff begins to melt, we’ll be floating.

I thought of this routine again yesterday when we were having our Morning Meeting.  One of my students, who has pretty much perfect attendance, did not come to school Thursday — we had snow cancellations on Tuesday and Wednesday. As he is a bus student, when he didn’t come to school Thursday, I didn’t think it was too remarkable.  The school buses that day were late – some by hours – city streets are clogged with snow and no place to put it.

However, this student expressed surprise that we had school on Thursday. He claimed to have gotten the robo call from the school-wide information system canceling school. This led to quite a discussion from my students; some get the calls and others do not, usually because they have no working phone number or because the phone number that was shared earlier has been changed (and changed, and changed).

But what really made me laugh was the insistence of one of my students that God called her house to cancel school. In actuality, our Assistant Superintendent for Business initiates the call.

And while he does have a deep voice, I’m sure he’s located in Lowell not in some more heavenly environ.


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