If life hands you apples, make…. applesauce!

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been investigating the colonial period through our guided reading groups. With my Safety Net 1 group (yes, I have two safety net groups), the texts’ readability levels are far beyond instructional level so mainly it looks like a shared reading session.  The book we’re reading, the most basic text I could locate, is “Colonial Life”, courtesy of my Reading A-Z subscription (BTW, one of the best purchases I’ve ever made).

Yesterday we were reading about breakfast in colonial times. The text has a nice graphic of a table set for breakfast – which included a bowl of apples.

Me hopefully leading the students to a comparison: “Do we ever eat fruit at breakfast time?”

Student: “No. Never.”

This exchange happened as the students were consuming their mid-morning snack – items “leftover” from the breakfast bags which included applesauce. The look of incredulity was priceless when I pointed out that applesauce came from, well…. apples! And, according to the food services managers, that is a fruit.

As one student observed, “Oh that’s why there’s a picture of an apple on the lid!” — the peel back foil covering.

Still not believing me, the kids were full of questions as to how apples turn in to applesauce.  And, had I had supplies with me, I would have done just that with them.

Somehow, I’ve got to work more experiential learning into this classroom!

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