Into the frying pan…..

In Massachusetts, there is a bill before the General Court to eliminate or increase the cap on Charter Schools.  I don’t know how things go in other parts of the country, but in Massachusetts, Charter Schools pull their funding from the local budget.  The currently proposed bill lifts the cap on Charters — further privatizing public education.  The following is a letter originally written to my State Representative and State Senator, but truly, it is an open letter to those who are considering this legislation.

Charter Schools

Dear Legislator,

I am a citizen of the Commonwealth, and I am asking you NOT to support lifting caps on Charter Schools.

I am a public educator in the Lowell Public Schools. My students are a diverse group from many different native languages, they come from hard-working families and they come from families experiencing social, emotional and financial traumas.  Five of the 18 students in my classroom are identified as having special needs.  Within this diverse population, there is exciting learning taking place.  And here is one of the reasons why I CHOOSE to teach in a public school:  unlike a charter, public schools have the mission of educating every student.  Shouldn’t education be a right, a given, for our children? We do not hold lotteries to decide who is accepted into our school — we meet the students — all students, not just a selection — wherever they are and move forward.  And we are doing this important work with less and less financial resources; resources that are drained by charter schools.

Academic growth, no matter how it is measured is slowly and steadily taking place. I am proud of my school, my colleagues, and my students. They all deserve your support of public education by the defeat of this attack on public education.


Amy E. Bisson

4 thoughts on “Into the frying pan…..

  1. Amy ….. this is so ‘spot on!’ It’s just unfathomable that our Governor and our President believe that our schools are failing when, in truth, it is our government that has failed our schools starting with the severely unfunded mandates of NCLB. If MA is judging schools based on MCAS results then it can be no surprise that urban settings will be at the bottom solely based on their diversity. But our public schools are dealing with that diversity and the kids are showing growth … in time. Stop taking resources away from public ed. and provide the necessary supports! We need to shut down this anti-public ed. movement and move on! It has gone on for too long and if this bill passes it will not be pretty in MA. People need to get the facts on charter schools and see that they are not the end-all, be-all!

  2. Great job Amy! Charter Schools continue to drain resources from public schools. Across the Commonwealth public schools and their children are achieving. Newburyport is an excellent example. The public elementary schools outscored the charter school on MCAS tests. If the children are achieving, what is the point of the charter school? Yet, in the coming the Commonwealth most likely will extend the schools charter to include grades 9 through 12 draining yet more funds from the district.

    Public education continues to educate ALL children in overcrowded classrooms with limited resources. Despite the challenges that schools face, teachers, like you, continue to work with passion to help all children to learn and achieve.

  3. Thanks Mickie and Tricia. The constant barrage against public schools needs to stop – now. The pandering by politicos, the misinformation and outright lies about public schools and the professionals working with children are distracting, disheartening, and insulting.

  4. Check out the Globe: A key regional planning board gave final approval today to Governor Deval Patrick’s plan to spend $9 million in federal stimulus money to build a footbridge over Route 1 near Gillette Stadium. More then likely to be followed by a multi-level parking lot with prime spaces going to the highest bidders. The Patriots have sold out for the past several years. Seems to me that everyone is getting to Gillette without the footbridge.

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