For summer consideration

I find that the longer I am a teacher, the more I am blown away by the intelligence and thoughtfulness of colleagues across the US.  Here is a blog I recently came upon Two Writing Teachers.  Even though the two bloggers teach grade levels higher than my current teaching assignment, the process and their craft as literacy teachers is thoughtful and practical.  Check out the section on mentor texts — I was amazed to find some of the very same texts I use with my third graders mentioned as exemplars for narratives and other genre of writing.

Also within the same blog is an interview with Stenhouse author Mark Overmyer.  Check out Mark’s response to a question about assessment.  God help me if Two Writing Teachers move these links!

Lots to think about and catch up on and summer has just started!

2 thoughts on “For summer consideration

  1. Thanks for the nod to our blog. 🙂 Next year Stacey will be a literacy consultant & I work grades k – 12 as a writing coach — so chances are we’ll be talking about 3rd grade writers at some point in time. 🙂 Also, don’t worry about us moving the links . . . we post things that we want to be able to refer to again and again!
    Happy Writing,
    Ruth (Two Writing Teachers)

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