Organization Redux

The lists of books that need to be leveled has been completed!  That would, under normal circumstances be something to celebrate; however, right now things feel pretty overwhelming.

The nightly task of typing a book title into, first Scholastic Book Wizard, and then one or more of the other databases is quite tedious.  Many of the older titles have a vague grade level assigned to them.  The topics seem too good to let go and I am having trouble justifying putting them into a browsing basket of unleveled books.  Face it — I’m just not going to be able to let go of books very readily.

This morning, I began working with a printed copy of the most current book database and started to apply the genre and level stickers to the front covers.  Since the genre library in my classroom is still being used — a disadvantage of taking on a reorganization while school is in session — I had instructed the students to check with me before putting a book box marked with an X (meaning that I’ve listed the books in that particular box).  The students have been very conscientious about this “checking” process which usually leaves me with a pile of books to check on.

Anyway, I’ve firmed up the genre organizations firmly enough that I feel comfortable in creating a batch of 8160 Avery Labels (see previous posting) and this morning I began applying the labels to books.  How cool is that?  First the white genre label is applied, then the colored sticker and finally I put a piece of clear packing tape over the label.  This last step is one that I hope will save me from dealing with stickers that fall off the shiny covers of books.  Once the new label is on the book I check the title off the leveled library printout and replace it in the library.  With the label attached I can be sure that I’ve listed the book in the database — can’t wait to get labels on everything that’s been listed!

The biggest problem I’ve run into is that some of the books in boxes that were marked as being listed, did not show up on the printout.  So either I’ve lost some data — possible but not likely; lost some handwritten sheets before they were input — possible AND likely; or some formatting problem with EXCEL has caused data to be dropped.  Hoping that I can resolve that issue this weekend and get back to making progress.

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