And so it goes…..

In the first few paragraphs of her commentary, Joanna Weiss made me laugh right out loud.  In the “old days”, 32 years ago for example, we used to take snapshots of our kids and then make multiple prints to send out to all of our interested or not so interested family and friends.  I know we personally spent THOUSANDS of dollars on prints of a particular only child who will be unnamed in this post.

With our news-in-an-instant technologies (that’s you Facebook), sharing any kind of news is done at the click of the mouse. That makes technologies like, well….. funny. I’d like to propose it might be time for a whole product line development:,,, What ever triggers one curmudgeonly persona to appear could be re-mediated and life as we know it would continue stress free.

Seriously though, reading beyond the reference, Joanna Weiss makes the logical connection to what is at the root of the attacks on social services, especially attacks that come from those who “have”. Having sat at umpteen Town Meetings packed to the rafters whenever new school spending is on the budget, I know there is much truth to the sentiment “what’s in it for me”?

For me, those “haves” making every effort to prevent “have-nots” from the same benefits (SSI benefits, Paul Ryan?) just speaks to what is a lost empathy.