Waiting and Watching

Around 9:00 last night, I got sucked in to watching C-SPAN of all channels. And yes, I was watching the Health Care “Debate” — if you can call that circus a debate.

I am a supporter of national health care and, frankly, I think this particular round of legislation is a pale shadow of what health care should be in the wealthiest industrialized nation on this green earth.  But putting that aside, my great hope is that the minimal protection provided by the Bill will prevent such health insurance financial fiascoes as happened in my family being thrust on another.

My suspicions are that this debate was not so much about health care as it was about other changes that some factions — loud ones as it turns out — cannot tolerate.  I felt ashamed and mortified that grown adults lobbed disgusting epithets in the direction of Representative Lewis and Representative Frank. What is wrong with us that we can’t have a civilized disagreement? That once a vote has been taken, those of the opposing opinion cannot accept what the majority has decided.

Last night’s vote was mesmerizing. But now there is more to come with the Senate debate. Will there be less acrimony? Doubtful. And what happens from here, no one can know for certain.