Deciphering technology

Just before the holiday break, our new technology – Mobi 360 – arrived. Hopefully the wireless projector that is part of this system will have been installed before Wednesday when we return to school.  Hopefully I will be able to make it all work the way it was intended.

We tried out the system the Thursday before going home.  The Pulse units operate like clickers and each student is assigned one to use for class.  I put our weekly vocabulary test into a Powerpoint slideshow and the kids took the test using their new technology.  Outside of two children who had pressed some combination of buttons and disassociated from the Mobi receiver, it was fun and quick AND yielded immediate data without hand correcting.

I love it when technology provides an improvement in delivering instruction or in  gathering assessment data. I love when technology provides some motivation for students.

Never a fan of single-minded programs, I’ve always thought of technology applications in education as part of a tool-kit.  After all, I use technology with a purpose, not just because it’s there.

Mobi is, of course, going to take some adjustment and preparation on my part. But so far, it looks like a powerful addition to this teacher’s toolkit.