Thank You SCOTUS

Thank goodness I reside in a state where it has been illegal to deny health care coverage for pre-existing conditions for some time (should I say “thanks” to Governor Romney?).  As of a few hours ago, the Supreme Court ruled that insurers cannot discriminate for pre-exisitng conditions nation-wide. For someone like me, that is truly good news.

It means that I don’t need to limit my retirement living options to Massachusetts – as much as I love the place.  As a cancer survivor, I have had coverage denied by a traditional insurer, who will remain nameless for this post. I had to carry my own coverage through COBRA and pay for coverage for anything else that might crop up “new” on the new insurance my husband’s company had switched to.  Trust me when I tell you that it was a financial hardship as well as a stressful situation.

As I understood the rule at that time – pre-Massachusetts healthcare reform – if I was treated in any way, shape or form for my pre-existing cancer diagnosis, I would have the start the clock all over again.  I don’t remember the time requirement any more, but whatever it was, the denial of coverage was wrong.

So I am celebrating today because no one should ever have to live in fear of wondering how to pay for treatment of an ongoing illness or condition. Treatment and medical factors should provide all the stress anyone ever needs in that regard.

Thank you Supreme Court. By not declaring these Health Care Reform unconstitutional, you’ve taken a step toward justice in health care.