The Beginnings, Again

This past Thursday – our last day of school with students – was bump up day.  And once again, for about the 28th time in my life, I started building a community with a group of 8-year olds.

They look like an interesting group. Definitely some wigglers, some barometer kids, as the Sisters call them.  I’ve seen some of their second grade assessment data already and heard from a couple of their now-former teachers about social and learning issues to be aware of.

Yet for the half-hour that we were together, I can see the possibilities of the community of learners that will become 3-207 starting August 28th.

One of the best aspects of teaching is this cycle, this changeover and chance to do things again – with luck, even better this time around. I know I never get tired of the excitement of a fresh beginning, of the serendipitous opportunities that will lie ahead.

This week we started a new building cycle again. Our future together is a gigantic unknown – exciting to think about and a bit scary at the same time.

We begin. Again.