A Different Take on Math Daily Five

I started working on this a couple of years ago when I first was exposed to the Daily Five and Literacy CAFE.  Gail and Joan – the Sisters – have since published a different Math Daily Five. I’ve continued with this version because it seems to work for my students – many are not strong mathematicians so revisiting Power Standards and anticipating the gaps we normally see in number sense and operations makes the most sense.

The structure for teaching the Math Daily Five – using the 10 steps to independence, carving out conferencing times, expectations for student and teacher during work times – all of these are the same. For my students it is important to think in terms of practice with strategy games, math facts (as well as analog clock reading), solving a multi-step problem, and using the available technology for mathematical exploration.

So this year, I’ve begun to compile a list of activities that complement the Massachusetts Common Core framework and continue to allow my students to practice meaningfully while I am working with and conferring with students needing intervention help.

So here is my take on applying the Daily Five.

Daily Five Math Board