New Traditions

As the parent of an adult, the holidays are kind of odd for us. The old and comfortable ways we used to celebrate have morphed and changed to be less child-centered. We have never been big party people – Adrien used to play gigs on New Year’s Eve. Once you have had to work a New Year’s party, they kind of lose their luster I think. Most New Year’s Eves we share a glass of wine, cook something together – and continue the family tradition of watching the Three Stooges marathon. Not that exciting, and this “tradition” is definitely is starting to feel tired.

I don’t know if it’s the light deprivation, the glum overcast that seems to be our normal weather, the cold (and anticipation of the utility bills), whatever… winter just gets to both of us.

On a whim yesterday – before we even ate breakfast – I suggested we drive in to Boston to see the ice sculptures left from First Night.  And so we did.


Trinity reflected in John Hancock Building

New Year’s morning, as it turns out, is the perfect time to drive in to Boston. First of all, there was barely any traffic – even at 9 am. We found on street parking at Clarendon and Comm and could even be picky about where to put the car. And (bonus), no feeding the meters on Sundays and Holidays – both applied to this day.

Yesterday was one of those anomalies of New England winter: it was 40 in the city and sunny. Hardly a person was out and about yet – just a few runners – it felt good to be walking around Back Bay.

Copley Square, Jan 1, 2012

Starting at Copley, where Trinity Church services were just getting underway, we strolled around the Square, down Boylston – stopping for coffee of course – through the Public Garden and on to the Common.

By the time we reached the Public Garden, families were beginning to come out to enjoy the morning. The Frog Pond wasn’t open for skaters – yet – but the Zamboni was making the final sweep to clean up the ice, Children were enjoying the playground nearby.


Tadpole Playground, January 1, 2012

Boston is definitely a city for walking. And on this first day of 2012, I think we’ve discovered a new way to celebrate the advent of a new year.