Third Grade Giggles

Anyone who has ever taught a third grader knows it’s true: there are certain words that just send these kiddos into hysterics. Think of it as a Seven Words You Can’t Say on TV for 8 year olds.

For example: toilet paper. As in, “If we don’t get some tissues boxes in class soon, you’ll have to blow your nose of toilet paper.”  Bird poop is another prime example. Recently one of my students wrote a personal narrative about a bird pooping on her at the beach. Definitely the highlight of the sharing celebration. Forget irony; 8 year olds love butt humor.

Yesterday – one of my less stellar academically driven days – with a week full of interruptions, a full moon, Christmas-on-the-brain, and a very tired teacher (parent conferences!) – the kids were as silly as could be. Unfortunately we were close to being out of tissues so I asked for some donations before we…. well you know what I had to say.

After that laughter died down, one of my more impish students asked me if I knew buttocks was a compound word. Hey, I’m game for anything when I’m tired. So I confessed I did not know that particular piece of information.

He repeated it again.  And finally in exasperation said, “You know…. butt-talks.”

Even teacher couldn’t hold a straight face on that one.  I think they’re rubbing off on me.