Ramping Up For the Re-Entry

My colleagues and I were taking a break from dusting, washing, organizing and throwing yesterday to commiserate on what every educator knows is true: if you don’t get some stress-related malady just as school is starting, you must not be paying attention.  Hello insomnia.

I used to feel like I had some character flaw because this happens to me every year. But my first year in public education, when my new principal – who had 25 years of administration experience AND classroom experience on top of that – openly admitted at Staff Orientation that she never sleeps the “night before”, it was somehow comforting. Maybe this behavior is normal after all.

Holding on to a more relaxed summer lifestyle is not easy to let go of. No matter how much I promise myself – and my spouse – the craziness starts up the minute I start working on my classroom. Some people buy new shoes, new clothes, new school supplies. I buy melatonin in the hope that I’ll sleep through the night. Never works.

Law and Order at 3 anyone?