Uplifting the Soul

This time of year, the weeks before “real” spring arrives, challenges me.  The winter debris, the salt and sand, litter, the ugliness of a still brown landscape make me anxious for a spring that arrives according to its own timetable.

So yesterday, in an attempt to shake out of the depression that has been enveloping me, I took a personal day to visit the Museum of Fine Arts. For some weeks now, I have been anticipating Dale Chihuly‘s “Through the Looking Glass” exhibit. The beauty of glass – blown glass especially – has been a fascination of mine since I saw a glassblower work on a fifth grade field trip to Greenfield Village in Michigan. I have always found the molten mix of sand that begins as a bubble at the end of a tube and ends in shapes and colors wondrous.

The exhibit, which will stay at the MFA through August 7, takes your breath away. The camera does not even come close to capturing the beauty of not only shape, but color. Here are some photographs from the exhibit. There are no words to describe the wonderment that “Through the Looking Glass” instills.