Earth Day 2010

Forty years ago – on the first Earth Day – I was still in high school. Today, 40 years later, have we come any closer to a sustainable environment? In my family, we do our best to separate recyclables and garbage. Can we do better? I am sure that we can. For starters, we could be more mindful of over packaged, over processed foods.

Last night, PBS’s documentary program, Point of View, broadcast Food, Inc. This 90-minute video is available through April 29th on the link, but is also being rebroadcast on local PBS stations.

The fallout caused by faster, bigger food – will affect our earth for many, many years. This video is not for those with a weak stomach; even though Adrien and I have been mainly vegetarian — and from time-to-time vegan, we have consumed some of these improved “foods”. Food Inc. is making me look again at our consumption and talk with my wallet. Have we become suckered into the cheaper foods and larger portions? What price do food conglomerates and agribusiness exact from our Earth? Do we really need faster fatter bigger cheaper foods?

On this Earth Day 2010, I plan to re-examine my food consumption. Smaller portions of real foods will affect my own health. And it will break the cycle of cheaper, mass-produced foods that have become my family’s habit; we can slow down and be more mindful. We need to be more thoughtful about our consumption and that can begin with me.

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