WNYC – Radiolab: Numbers (October 09, 2009)

WNYC – Radiolab: Numbers (October 09, 2009).

This broadcast from PRI’s Radio Lab on number is pretty interesting if you can stay with it.  If the interviewees are to be believed, I should have taken that Calculus course I failed in high school sometime around age 2.  That’s right. The researchers interviewed assert that babies are logarithmic and they cite several sources and experiments to try with 2-year olds. (Sorry, I don’t have a toddler so I can’t prove or disprove the theory with the pennies.)

How does this impact teaching? I have no idea; I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the South American people who have no counting system or number above 5!

Thanks to Adrien and our discussions about mathematics — yeah, we definitely are America’s fun couple — for the heads up.