Life in the Crazy Aisle

It doesn’t matter what I intend to do, once the school year starts, all my good intentions for moderation and actually having a life are very soon forgotten.  Case in point: the last post was September 18th.  That was 6 weeks ago for crying out loud.  School start ups are always stressful, jam packed, and tiring: Resistance is futile.

For the last 6 weeks I’ve put in 12 plus hour days to try to manage — and isn’t that an ironic word choice — life in school.  It takes at least 8 hours to plan for a week’s instruction. Add to that the assessments that need to be evaluated, logged in, and meetings to attend to and before you know it, you have no life.  The inevitability of this scenario is based on 22 plus years in the classroom.  There is no way around it.

Needless to say, all this attention to work means there is little attention to other things.  For me, one of those “other things” was the traffic light at the intersection of Boston Road and 495 on Tuesday morning at (holy crap) 6:30 am.  According to the state police officer who stopped me, I blasted right through the light and it was red.  I sort of remember a different color as I started through the intersection (hence the stepping on the gas). However, the fact that another car in the lane next to me did stop made it pretty definitive that I at least was attempting to forgo a delay in my urgent appointment with planning.  License and registration please.  This  episode,  an attempt to put in my 12 hours, cost me 100 bucks.  And now I have to endure my husband’s continual reminder that I have embarked on a life of crime.  Can this woman be saved?

So, having spent quite a chunk of what I may have made money-wise on Tuesday, I have embarked on a new regime of moderation.  I will not arrive at school before 7:00, I will leave school at 4:00, and I will pay attention to the traffic lights on Boston Road.

Oh, and I will post to this blog more than every 6 weeks.