In the last week I’ve administered three district-mandated tests to my third grade students.  Everyone is collecting data!  There have been 2 benchmarks – one each in reading and math — and a newly mandated math unit test.  We’ve administered our individualized reading assessments from Fountas/Pinnell. Having completed the MCAS barely 2 weeks earlier, my students are burnt out with testing.  In fact, going out on a limb here, they are burnt out on school.  It’s over. As far as the kids are concerned, third grade is visible only in the rear view mirror.

I like data, but I have so many issues with the testing being distributed by administrators who don’t know test writing.  Number one at the top is the quality of the district made math tests.  It seems that every time we administer them, there is at least one major flaw in the question.  Sometimes one of the multiple choice possibilities is on the next page, sometimes the question posed has more than one correct answer.  Listen up people!  Test and measurement is not for amateurs.

This time of year is pretty tense with all the wrapping up and testing.  This year is particularly intense as budgets are being set (or not) and money is disappearing.  The LPSD is facing a 9 million dollar shortfall.  Obviously that means cuts in staffing, cuts in program funding, larger class sizes…. and makes for a very sad ending to the year.  Our future is hazy at the very least.

Ten days…. and then what?