Measure Twice, Cut Once….

Thinking about how to organize books for students and figuring out the best way for your classroom is quite a challenge.  Many people are pretty adamant about what should and shouldn’t be done; it makes my head spin sometimes.

I’ve been reading a couple of interesting websites about how other teachers have decided to organize the library. I like this posting from Mandy Gregory

…..I still want my kids reading.  Alot.  Especially in the beginning of the year.

To reach a compromise, where students are reading but not destroying my carefully collected and maintained classroom library, I compromise.

It struck me as those words jumped out from the page.  I must stay mindful of the fact that this reorganization is not about neatening up my classroom.  The overarching goal must be that students find the book area accessible; that the literature in the library is attractive and appealing to them in the hopes that my readers and nonreaders will always find something they can pick up and read.

Mandy Gregory has many ideas for organizing a classroom library (and other management ideas too).  Just reading her marvelous website encourages thoughtfulness.  Another great resource I’m co-opting comes from the Hill School in Troy New York where Ms. Newhouse and Ms. Gordon share a third grade classroom. So much to consider!

So I’m getting ready to make that first cut — and measuring once, twice, maybe even three times.